Semantic Layer Sync with Tableau

This page details the support for Tableau (opens in a new tab) in Semantic Layer Sync.

Semantic Layer Sync with Tableau is available on Enterprise and above (opens in a new tab) tiers.

Semantic Layer Sync works with Tableau Cloud, Tableau Desktop, and Tableau Server.


To create a new sync, choose either Tableau Cloud, Tableau Desktop, or Tableau Server:

For Tableau Cloud and Tableau Server, data model is synchronized via the Tableau API (opens in a new tab) which uses personal access tokens (opens in a new tab) for authentication. You can create a new personal access token (opens in a new tab) on the My Account Settings page.

Personal access tokens might be disabled in your Tableau site configuration. To enable them, navigate to the Settings page of your Tableau site and click Enable personal access tokens.

By default, personal access tokens are configured with an expiry period of 180 days. Please check your Tableau site configuration for details. To customize the expiry period, navigate to the Settings page of your Tableau site. Please also make sure to renew your personal access token in time.

Personal access tokens expire if they are not used after 15 consecutive days. If they are used more frequently than every 15 days, they expire after one year.

You will also need to specify a region and a Tableau site name. Consider the following URL of a Tableau site: In this case, the region would be 10ax and the site name would be cubedev.

Example configuration for Tableau:


When connecting a Cube Cloud data source to your Tableau workbook, you will be prompted to enter the user name and password for Cube Cloud. You can find them at the SQL API Connection tab of the BI Integrations page in Cube Cloud.


Syncs with Tableau Cloud and Tableau Server run automatically via the Tableau API (opens in a new tab).

Tableau Desktop

Click Download .tds to download a Tableau data source (opens in a new tab) file:

Use can open it in Tableau to create a data source.