Microsoft Fabric

Microsoft Fabric

Microsoft Fabric (opens in a new tab) is an all-in-one analytics solution for enterprises. It offers a comprehensive suite of services, including a data warehouse.

Microsoft Fabric support is available in Cube Cloud on Enterprise Premier (opens in a new tab) tier. Contact us (opens in a new tab) for details.


When creating a new deployment in Cube Cloud, at the Set up a database connection step, choose Microsoft Fabric.

Then, provide the JDBC URL connection string in the following format. See below for tips on filling in <SERVER_NAME>, <DATABASE_NAME>, <AUTH_TYPE>, <USER_NAME>, and <PASSWORD>.


Optionally, fill in Database if you'd like to override the database name from the JDBC URL.

Server and database name

To obtain your data warehouse server name and database name, navigate to your data warehouse in Microsoft Fabric and click on the cog icon to open Settings:

On the About page, you can find the database name (<DATABASE_NAME>) under Name and the server name (<SERVER_NAME>) under SQL connection string:


Microsoft Fabric supports two authentication types (opens in a new tab):

  • Use ActiveDirectoryPassword as <AUTH_TYPE> to connect using a Microsoft Entra principal name and password. Provide principal name as <USER_NAME> and password as <PASSWORD>.
  • Use ActiveDirectoryServicePrincipal as <AUTH_TYPE> to connect using the client ID and secret of a service principal identity. Provide client ID as <USER_NAME> and secet as <PASSWORD>.

Pre-Aggregation Feature Support


Measures of type count_distinct_approx can not be used in pre-aggregations when using Microsoft Fabric as a source database.

Pre-Aggregation Build Strategies

To learn more about pre-aggregation build strategies, head here.

FeatureWorks with read-only mode?Is default?
Export Bucket--

By default, Microsoft Fabric uses a simple strategy to build pre-aggregations.


No extra configuration is required to configure simple pre-aggregation builds for Microsoft Fabric.


Microsoft Fabric does not support batching.

Export Bucket

Microsoft Fabric does not support export buckets.