Audit Log

Audit Log

Audit Log collects, stores, and displays security-related events within a Cube Cloud account, across all deployments. You can use it to maintain and review a historical record of activity for compliance purposes.

Audit Log is available in Cube Cloud on the Enterprise Premier (opens in a new tab) tier. Contact us (opens in a new tab) for details.

Read below about collected events. Also, see how you can enable Audit Log, view events, and download them.


To enable Audit Log, navigate to the Team & Security page, open the Audit Log tab, and turn the Enable Audit Log switch on.

If you choose to disable Audit Log, your account will be billed for using it until the end of the month.

Viewing events

Table view

Audit Log displays events in a table with the following information for each event:

  • Event timestamp in your local time zone.
  • User email, if applicable to a particular event.
  • Event name (see event types for the full list).
  • Deployment name, if applicable to a particular event.

Extended view

You can click on any event to view extended information:

  • IP address from which an event was initiated.
  • Event-specific attributes.


Audit Log uses heuristics to detect sensitive values (e.g., passwords and tokens) and sanitize them, i.e., replace them with [HIDDEN] in event-specific attributes. You can see that a password was sanitized on the screenshot above.

If you'd like your custom environment variable to be sanitized, include one of the following substrings in its name: PASS, SECRET, TOKEN, KEY.


You can also customize the table view with filters on the top and in the right sidebar:

  • Text input for full-text search.
  • Date range filter.
  • Filters to narrow the view down to a specific user, event, or deployment.

Downloading events

You can use the ↓ CSV button to download a CSV file with all events in the current view:

Event types

Audit Log collects the following types of events:

CategoryEvent type
UsersCreated user
Deleted user
Invited user
Updated user profile
Requested password reset
Changed password
Access controlCreated role
Deleted role
Updated role
Assigned role to user
Assigned roles to user
Removed role from user
AuthenticationLogged in
Logged out
Redirected to SAML provider for login
Logged in via SAML
Account and single sign-onUpdated account settings
Updated account authentication configuration
Updated account SAML configuration
Uploaded identity provider metadata file
DeploymentsCreated deployment
Deleted deployment
Updated deployment configuration
Enabled SQL API for deployment
Generated data model
Branches and dev modeCreated Git branch
Deleted Git branch
Entered dev mode
Exited dev mode
Pulled changes to data model
Committed and merged changes to data model
Merged changes to data model
Reverted changes to data model in branch
Continuous deploymentRequested connection of GitHub account
Connected deployment to GitHub repository
Generated SSH key for deployment
Connected deployment to Git upstream
Generated Git credentials for Cube Cloud repository
Generated webhook token for Git repository
Received a Git hook
Started uploading files
Finished uploading files
Triggered new build
BudgetsCreated budget
Deleted budget
Updated budget