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We believe that open collaboration is the best way to build software. That's why we shape the Cube community to be a place where everyone feels welcome.

Whether you are new to open source or a veteran contributor, we want to make it easy for everyone to join the Cube community and find different areas where people can contribute.

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Ways to Contribute

Pull requests on GitHub is only one of many ways you can contribute to Cube

Connect with other community members on Slack

Connect with other community members on Slack

Join 4,000+ other community members on Slack where you can find the latest news in #announcements and also connect with the Cube core team in #contributing-to-cube.

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Improve the Cube platform on GitHub

Improve the Cube platform on GitHub

Explore our public roadmap

Have a look at the upcoming features in Cube, upvote 👍 and share your feedback.

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Suggest improvements

Search through existing issues to add feedback, suggest enhancements, or file a bug. Someone from the Cube team will get back to you in a few days.

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Contribute code

Get recognition by providing fixes to documentation or adding new features to Cube like 200+ community members already did. The issues labeled with help wanted or good first issue are great starting points. Feel free to engage in discussion with the Cube community in an issue and proceed with a code contribution with pull requests.

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Help answer questions in Stack Overflow

Help answer questions in Stack Overflow

Share your knowledge of Cube internals and best practices by answering other community members' questions on Stack Overflow.

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Heroes Logo

We want to celebrate community contributions in different ways ranging from a simple "thank you," to sending out fun Cube swags, or inviting them to serve as our advisors.

We will ask some of our community members whose contributions range from blog posts, code, helping other community members, product feedback, sharing their use cases, etc., to serve as Cube Heroes, and be our community advisors.

We look for diverse backgrounds in our heroes and will work with them grow our open source software and community.

Photo of Jc Weinrich

Jc Weinrich


Based in Edmonton, Jc is an Architect at Jobber, where he is working on developing mobile services for Jobber's customers. Prior to Jobber, Jc was a software engineer at Honeywell in Alberta and Scotland. Jc first started using Cube in January 2020.

Photo of Ricardo Tapia

Ricardo Tapia


Based in Amsterdam, Ricardo is a Lead front‑end developer at Qualibrate where he is working on bringing the user experience of Qualibrate's test automation platform to the next level. Ricardo first started using Cube during the very early days in 2019.

Photo of Tanvi Pal

Tanvi Pal


Based in Colonia, New Jersey, Tanvi is a Senior Software Engineer at COTA. In addition to healthcare, Tanvi worked in other industries such as shipping and financial services. Tanvi and her colleagues at COTA started using Cube in September 2019.

Photo of Bruce Szudera Wienand

Bruce Szudera Wienand


Based in Michigan, Bruce is a Software Engineer at Ternary, where he is working as part of a team to build a cost management platform enabling FinOps for companies using Google Cloud. Ternary has been using Cube to serve data since 2020.

Photo of Ryan Woodring

Ryan Woodring


Based in Maryland, Ryan is an Engineering Team Lead at Systems Alliance, Inc. (SAI) where he does front‑end development on a SaaS product focused on knowledge management for the connected workforce. Ryan started using Cube in 2022 as a solution for efficiently serving up in‑app analytics.

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Join our monthly calls and participate in discussing topics of interest in the Cube community.

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How to Get Help

Still not sure how to get started or have more questions?
Please ping us in the #contributing-to-cube channel on Slack.

Community Code of Conduct

We have our code of conduct in place to foster an open and welcoming environment for everyone.

Please report instances of unacceptable behavior to

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