Push.ai (opens in a new tab) is a business observability tool that helps teams share metrics and other data insights in messaging tools, like Slack.

Watch how Cube and Push.ai work together in this webinar recording: Unlock Proactive Intelligence Using Cube + Push.ai (opens in a new tab).


You can use the REST API to connect Cube to Push.ai.

Cube Cloud

When you have set up your Cube project in Cube Cloud, you need REST API endpoint and API Secret for your setup in order to connect Push.ai to Cube. Log in to your Cube console and follow the steps below.

REST API endpoint can be found on the Overview page:

API Secret can be found on the Settings → Configuration page under Environment variables where it’s named CUBEJS_API_SECRET:

Connection in Push.ai

Copy REST API endpoint and API Secret you got from Cube Cloud and paste them into Push.ai form for creating the Cube data source:

Defining metrics

After connecting to Cube, measures and dimensions need to be converted into metrics. See Push.ai documention (opens in a new tab) for guidance.