Connecting to data sources

Connecting to data sources

Choose a data source to get started with below.

Note that Cube also supports connecting to multiple data sources out of the box.

Data Warehouses

Query Engines

Transactional Databases

Time Series Databases


Other Data Sources

Driver Support

Most of the drivers for data sources are supported either directly by the Cube team or by their vendors. The rest are community-supported and will be highlighted as such in their respective pages.

Third-party Drivers

The following drivers were contributed by the Cube community. They are not part of the Cube distribution, however, they still be used with Cube:

Currently Unsupported Data Sources

If you'd like to connect to a data source which is not yet listed on this page, please see the list of requested drivers (opens in a new tab) and file an issue (opens in a new tab) on GitHub.

You're more than welcome to contribute new drivers as well as new features and patches to existing drivers (opens in a new tab). Please check the contribution guidelines (opens in a new tab) and join the #contributing-to-cube channel in our Slack community (opens in a new tab).

You can contact us (opens in a new tab) to discuss an integration with a currently unsupported data source. We might be able to assist Cube Cloud users on select tiers (opens in a new tab).