Steep (opens in a new tab) is a modern analytics platform powered by and specifically built for semantic layers. It features modern, user-friendly UI as well as web, desktop, and mobile applications.

Watch how Cube and Steep work together in this webinar recording: A New Way to do BI: Cube + Steep (opens in a new tab).


You can use the REST API to connect Cube to Steep.

Cube Cloud

When you have set up your Cube project in Cube Cloud, you need REST API endpoint and API Secret for your setup in order to connect Steep to Cube. Log in to your Cube console and follow the steps below.

REST API endpoint can be found on the Overview page:

API Secret can be found on the Settings → Configuration page under Environment variables where it’s named CUBEJS_API_SECRET:

Copy REST API endpoint and API Secret you got from Cube Cloud and paste them into Steep form for creating the Cube data source:

Hit Continue for your connection to be established and your Cube metrics to be synced into Steep:

Defining and syncing metrics

See Steep documention (opens in a new tab) for guidance on defining and synchronizing metrics from Cube to Steep.