APIs & integrations

APIs & Integrations

With a rich set of APIs, Cube can power and deliver data to all kinds of data applications.

Data APIs are used to run queries against the data model. Despite using various transports and query formats, all data APIs share common querying concepts.

Also, there are management APIs to control Cube deployments externally.

Data APIs

A few rules of thumb to help you choose an API:

When implementing internal or self-serve business intelligence (opens in a new tab) use case, pick the SQL API and Semantic Layer Sync. The SQL API allows querying Cube with a Postgres-compatible dialect of SQL, either by writing queries manually or generating them with BI tools.

When implementing embedded analytics (opens in a new tab) and real-time analytics (opens in a new tab) use cases, pick REST API or GraphQL API. Also, the JavaScript SDK will simplify integration with your front-end code. The REST API uses a JSON-based query format, and the GraphQL API accepts GraphQL queries.

Management APIs

In case you'd like Cube to work with data orchestration tools and let them push changes from upstream data sources to Cube, explore the Orchestration API.