Join Cube Dev

We're on a mission to create great open source tools so developers can build modern data applications

Hard technical challenges

We're building a data layer for applications that crunch trillions of data points. That's why we truly care about performance and solve deep technical challenges on daily basis.


Community and open source

Cube.js is open source and we are fortunate to work with an amazing and diverse community of open source fans around the world.



We offer generous stock options at our company that is growing blazingly fast.


Remote and unlimited PTO

We are a remote‑first team, and we take remote work seriously. We'll cover the cost of a coworking space if you'd rather prefer not working from home. We also offer unlimited Personal Time Off (PTO) so that you can take care of yourself/family and recharge.



We meet several times a year for a week of meetings, events, and fun. Meeting locations rotate between US and Europe.



We support your personal development with training courses, free books on our Kindle account, and other options.