Hashboard (opens in a new tab) is an interactive data exploration tool.

Watch how Cube and Hashboard work together in this webinar recording: Build an explorable and accessible semantic layer with Cube and Hashboard (opens in a new tab).


You can use the SQL API to connect Cube to Hashboard.

Cube Cloud

On the Overview page of your Cube Cloud deployment, click Connect to SQL API and select BIs and Visualization Tools from the list. You should see the screen like the one below with your connection credentials:

Self-hosted Cube

In Cube Core, the SQL API is disabled by default. Enable it and configure the credentials to connect to Hashboard.

Connecting from Hashboard

To connect to Cube, click on  More → Data Sources and then click + Add Connection:

Choose PostgreSQL and enter the connection credentials for Cube's SQL API:

Next, choose your newly added data source and build the data model:

Querying data

To query your data, go to the Data models page, choose your newly created data model, and click Explore: