Data exploration
Building UI with drilldowns


Drilldowns are a powerful feature to facilitate data exploration. It allows building an interface to let users dive deeper into visualizations and data tables. See ResultSet.drillDown() on how to use this feature on the client side.

A drilldown is defined on the measure level in your data model. It’s defined as a list of dimensions called drill members. Once defined, these drill members will always be used to show underlying data when drilling into that measure.

Let’s consider the following example of our imaginary e-commerce store. We have the orders cube, which describes orders in our store. It’s connected to users and products.

  - name: orders
    sql_table: orders
      - name: users
        relationship: many_to_one
        sql: "{CUBE}.user_id = {}"
      - name: products
        relationship: many_to_one
        sql: "{CUBE}.product_id = {}"
      - name: count
        type: count
        # Here we define all possible properties we might want
        # to "drill down" on from our front-end
          - id
          - status
      - name: id
        sql: id
        type: number
        primary_key: true
        public: true
      - name: status
        sql: status
        type: string

You can follow this tutorial (opens in a new tab) to learn more about building a UI for drilldowns.