Chart Prototyping

Chart Prototyping

Chart Prototyping generates code of a front-end application that works with the REST API and visualizes data on charts. It's convenient for boostrapping a new embedded analytics application or copying and pasting code to an existing one.

Chart Prototyping is available in Cube Cloud on all tiers (opens in a new tab).

To access Chart Prototyping, go to Playground, compose and run a query, expand the Chart pane, and click Code on the right:

Preview the chart

Chart Prototyping shows you a preview of the chart on the Preview tab:

You can also customize the chart by choosing a visualization type, a framework, a charting library, or one of other options in the sidebar.

If you'd like to request the support for a specific charting library or framework, please contact us (opens in a new tab).

Browse the code

You can also browse the generated code of this application on the Code tab:

Download the application

Finally, you can download a ZIP archive with the code and the file with your Cube Cloud credentials using the buttons on the bottom of the Code tab:

First, unarchive the code. Then, rename the credentials file to .env.local and place it to the folder with unarchived code. You can now run the application with the following commands:

npm install
npm run dev