Visualization tools

Connecting to visualization tools

Choose a tool to get started with below.

If you'd like to connect to a tool which is not yet present on this page, please file an issue (opens in a new tab) on GitHub.

BI & data exploration tools

You can learn more about SQL API on the reference page, including how to connect to other BIs or visualization tools not listed here.


AI- & LLM-based experiences

The following tools deliver data insights closer to end users, e.g., by providing a conversational interface for semantic layer:

Low-code tools & internal tool builders

You can also find relevant step-by-step guides in the blog.

Frontend integrations

Cube provides integration libraries for popular front-end frameworks:

APIs references

All integrations above are powered by the following APIs. If you're a data engineer, please explore the SQL API. If you're an application developer, check out REST and GraphQL APIs.