Delphi (opens in a new tab) is a conversational interface for the semantic layer, powered by the large language model (LLM) technology by OpenAI.

It provides a Slack bot that takes questions in natural language, translates them into queries to Cube, and delivers the results back to Slack. You can learn more about Delphi from the blog post (opens in a new tab) or see it in action in this video:

To start using Delphi, you need to install its bot (application) to your Slack workspace, configure it, add to necessary channels, and start asking questions.

Installing Delphi to Slack

Go to the Slack application (opens in a new tab) page; this will start the installation.

You may need to be a Slack workspace administrator to install a new application.

Configuring the connection to Cube

In Slack, navigate to the Delphi app on the left sidebar.

In the Home tab, choose Cube as the connection type:

Then, enter your credentials:

If you don’t have Delphi Client ID and API Key yet, get them by email from the Delphi team.

Asking questions

Send Delphi a direct message or add it to relevant channels.

Start with @Delphi and ask anything about your Cube data model.