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Mission-critical, large-scale production deployments

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What is a Cube Consumption Unit?

Pay for what you use. Cube Consumption Units precisely measure resource consumption so that you maintain control over usage and spending. The units are billed hourly according to the Cube Cloud plan you subscribe to and are measured in 5-minute intervals.
Consumption Unit ComponentsCCUs per hour

Production Cluster


Development Instance

  • For development and testing only
  • Single process instance; not scalable

Dedicated Infrastructure per Region

  • Improve stability through dedicated infrastructure
  • Prevent database traffic from being routed through the public internet

Cube Store Worker

  • For increased performance, add compute resources
  • A minimum of 2 Cube Store Workers is required for pre-aggregations
  • Rough estimate: Approx. 2 workers per 4 gigs of pre-aggregated data per day

Additional Cube API Instances

  • For additional query capacity (i.e., peak load; complex query types or schemas)
  • Rough estimate: 1 API per 5-10 RPS served

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