Explo (opens in a new tab) is an customer-facing analytics platform that enables embedding of interactive dashboards and reports into your customer-facing web applications.

Watch how Cube and Explo work together in this webinar recording: Embedded Analytics Made Simple (opens in a new tab).


You can use the SQL API to connect Cube to Explo.

Cube Cloud

On the Overview page of your Cube Cloud deployment, click Connect to SQL API and select Explo from the list. You should see the screen like the one below with your connection credentials:

Self-hosted Cube

In Cube Core, the SQL API is disabled by default. Enable it and configure the credentials to connect to Explo.

Connecting from Explo

To connect to Cube, go to the Data page and click Connect Data Source:

When asked to select a database, choose Cube Cloud from the list:

Enter the credentials for Cube's SQL API:

You should get a message that Explo successfully connected to Cube and found some tables:

Querying data

To query your data, go to the Dashboards page and click Create Dashboard. Proceed with adding a new dataset to this dashboard by clicking + (choose the schema you've created just a few minutes ago):

Finally, you can write SQL to query Cube via the SQL API: