Amazon S3

Integration with Amazon S3

Amazon S3 (opens in a new tab) is a popular object storage system. This guide demonstrates how to set up Cube Cloud to export logs to Amazon S3.


First, enable monitoring integrations in Cube Cloud.

Exporting logs

To export logs to Amazon S3, start by creating an S3 bucket for Cube Cloud logs.

Then, configure the aws_s3 (opens in a new tab) sink in your vector.toml configuration file.

Example configuration:

type = "aws_s3"
inputs = [
bucket = "your-s3-bucket-name"
region = "us-east-1"
compression = "gzip"
codec = "json"
enabled = false

Commit the configuration for Vector, it should take effect in a minute. Then, navigate to your S3 bucket and watch the logs coming.