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Give your customers fast and delightful analytics.

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The problem:
Your customers want insights. You need to deliver them yesterday.

Everyone wants data - even customers - and you have insights to share. But engineering is busy delivering your amazing product - there’s no time to build an analytics tool from scratch.

The solution:
Delight customers with a faster-than-lightning analytics experience.

Quickly deliver value to your customers and partners by embedding analytics into your apps - and let Cube Cloud do the heavy lifting to keep it available, fast, and secure.


Deliver analytics to customers ASAP.

With the robust development tools in Cube Cloud, launching analytics into your product - and delighting your customers - has never been easier. With features like the management console, collaborative playgrounds, query-tracing, performance monitoring, and automatic testing endpoints, it’s typically between 3 to 6 weeks to get it up and running.



Cube’s got your back(end); Focus on creating a delightful front

It’s easier than ever to build a customized, polished user experience, so don’t forcefit a legacy BI tool into your carefully curated product experience. Cube can take care of the hard parts: adding context with a data model, securing access to customer data, pre-aggregating to speed up delivery - to make it easy for you to create rich data experiences for your customers.


Goodbye spinny wheel of death. Hello lightning fast results.

The faster you can deliver results, the happier your customers will be. And Cube Cloud makes it easy to speed up your customers’ experience of your in-product analytics. Using Cube’s caching layer, pre-aggregation capabilities, and automatic scaling, you can deliver an analytics experience that customers will love.



Protect customer data with Cube Cloud.

Cube Cloud has all the security tools you need such as role- and column-based data access control to create a secure environment for your customers’ data. In addition to tools, Cube Cloud has built-in security features such as SSL for all data in transit and at rest, and is SOC2 Type II certified and HIPAA compliant. Learn more about how Cube Cloud keeps your data - and your customers’ data - secure.


Ready to deliver mighty-performant embedded analytics?

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