Embedded Analytics

Give users data-rich, performant, and branded insights.

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The problem:
Data is spread across multiple applications, tools, and interfaces

You’ve invested in collecting and storing massive quantities of data—but it’s worthless until your customers can glean insights from it right inside your application.

The solution:
Seamlessly integrated analytics built into your users’ workflow

Build fully customizable analytics experiences directly into your users’ workflow, in which they can find the insights they need and take immediate action.

Why Embedded Analytics with Cube

Cube is a semantic layer.

A semantic layer is a foundation for BI that's decoupled from front-end interfaces.

Leading companies use Cube to manage access control, data modeling, and caching to build custom analytics experiences with modern tools.


Give your customers intuitive, actionable insights with a UI tailored precisely to them

It’s easier than ever to build a customized, polished user experience, so your customers expect it. Cube faciliates delivery of rich data experiences to your users—wherever they are.



Goodbye, 🐢 slow dashboards. Hello, ⚡️ instant insights.

No one likes waiting on loading dashboards. Cube’s caching layer, pre-aggregation capabilities, and automatic scaling enable you to deliver data to your apps in real-time.


Trust your data access control and multitenant architecture—so that your users can trust you

Building customer-facing analytics features requires careful security design—so that your users can access their data, and only their data. Cube’s out-of-the-box multitenancy support and role- and column-based granular access control enable you to build secure applications with your data.



Play well with others

Cube’s REST, GraphQL, and SQL APIs make it easy to integrate with popular visualization tools, charting libraries, and legacy BI applications to deliver performant, consistent data wherever your users want it.

  • GraphQL
  • REST
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Ready to deliver mighty-performant embedded analytics?

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