Developer Playground

Developer Playground is a web-based tool which helps to generate and view the data schema, build and execute queries, plot the results, and generate dashboard applications from a variety of templates for different frontend frameworks and data visualization libraries.

Developer Playground is available on http://localhost:4000 when Cube.js is run in development mode

Here's an example of building a query and plotting the results in Developer Playground:

Developer playground is only enabled when CUBEJS_DEV_MODE is set to true. Since Playground exposes data schema and admin access to all the possible queries we do not recommend running it on production instance. You can use Cube.js frontend SDks to build your own query builder and use it to query your Cube.js API in a secure way.

You can also securely run Playground on top of the production Cube.js instance inside the Cube Cloud.

Cube Cloud currently is in early access. If you don't have an account yet, you can sign up to the waitlist here.