ksqlDB driver is in preview. Please contact us if you need help running it in production.

  • Hostname for the ksqlDB server
  • Username and password to connect to ksqlDB server

If you are using Confluent Cloud, you need to generate API key and use key as username and secret as password.

Add the following to a .env file in your Cube project:


Environment VariableDescriptionPossible ValuesRequiredSupports multiple data sources?
CUBEJS_DB_URLThe host URL for ksqlDB with portA valid database host URL
CUBEJS_DB_USERThe username used to connect to the ksqlDB. API key for Confluent Cloud.A valid port number
CUBEJS_DB_PASSThe password used to connect to the ksqlDB. API secret for Confluent Cloud.A valid database name

ksqlDB supports only streaming pre-aggregations.

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