Data Model IDE

With the Cube IDE, you can write and test and your Cube data schemas from your browser. Cube Cloud can create branch-based development API instances to quickly test changes in the data schema in your frontend applications before pushing them into production.

In development mode, you can safely make changes to your project without affecting production deployment. Development mode uses a separate Git branch and allows testing your changes in Playground or via a separate API endpoint specific to this branch. This development API hot-reloads your schema changes, allowing you to quickly test API changes from your applications.

To enter development mode, navigate to the Schema page and click Enter Development Mode.

When development mode is active, a grey bar will be visible at the top of the screen. It provides several useful controls and indicators:

  • The name of the current development Git branch
  • The status of the development API. After any changes to the project, the API will hot-reload, and the API status will indicate when it's ready.
  • 'Copy API URL' will copy the API URL to the clipboard for the current development branch.

You can exit development mode by clicking Exit button in the grey banner.

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