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Examples Overview

Below you can find tutorials to help you get started with Cube.

If you're already building something with Cube, please explore recipes — short, self-contained, and runnable solutions to popular use cases.

These tutorials are great places to start learning Cube:

The following tutorials cover advanced concepts of Cube:

Learn more about prominent features of Cube:

Drill downsIntroducing a drill down table APIDemo
Compare date rangeComparing data over different time periodsDemo
Data blendingIntroducing data blending APIDemo
Real-time data fetchReal-time dashboard guideDemo
Dynamic data modelUsing asyncModule to generate schemas
AuthenticationAuth0 integration
AuthenticationAWS Cognito integration

Explore how to integrate Cube with data visualization tools:

📈 D3.jsD3 dashboard tutorialDemo
📈 Google ChartsGoogle Charts dashboardDemo
📈 HighchartsReact Highcharts exampleDemo
📈 Material UIMaterial UI Dashboard with ReactDemo
📈 Material UIReact data table with Material UIDemo
📈 MaterialAngular dashboard with MaterialDemo
📊 AG GridReact Pivot Table with AG GridDemo
🗺 MapboxBuilding map-based data visualizations with MapboxDemo
📊 RetoolBuilding an internal dashboard with RetoolDemo

Have a look at some demo applications you can build with Cube:

Hacktoberfest 2020Hacktoberfest 2020 in insights and statistics

Cube integrates with all kinds of data sources and data visualization tools. You can find more easy-step guides to get started with Cube.

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