Examples Overview

Below you can find tutorials to help you get started with Cube.js.

If you're already building something with Cube, please explore recipes — short, self-contained, and runnable solutions to popular use cases.

These tutorials are great places to start learning Cube.js:

The following tutorials cover advanced concepts of Cube.js:

Learn more about prominent features of Cube.js:

Drill downsIntroducing a drill down table APIDemo
Compare date rangeComparing data over different time periodsDemo
Data blendingIntroducing data blending APIDemo
Real-time data fetchReal-time dashboard guideDemo
Dynamic schema creationUsing asyncModule to generate schemas
AuthenticationAuth0 integration
AuthenticationAWS Cognito integration

Explore how to integrate Cube.js with data visualization tools:

📈 D3.jsD3 dashboard tutorialDemo
📈 Google ChartsGoogle Charts dashboardDemo
📈 HighchartsReact Highcharts exampleDemo
📈 Material UIMaterial UI Dashboard with ReactDemo
📈 Material UIReact data table with Material UIDemo
📈 MaterialAngular dashboard with MaterialDemo
📊 AG GridReact Pivot Table with AG GridDemo
🗺 MapboxBuilding map-based data visualizations with MapboxDemo
📊 RetoolBuilding an internal dashboard with RetoolDemo

Have a look at some demo applications you can build with Cube.js:

Hacktoberfest 2020Hacktoberfest 2020 in insights and statistics
Slack VibeSlack Vibe, the Open Source Analytics for Slack

Cube integrates with all kinds of data sources and data visualization tools. You can find more easy-step guides to get started with Cube.

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