Examples & Tutorials

Below you can find examples and tutorials to help you get started with Cube.js.

If you have any examples or tutorials that you'd like to contribute, we encourage you to create a new topic in the Cube.js community forum.

Web Analyticsweb-analyticsWeb Analytics with AWS Athena, Snowplow, Cube.js backed by Cube Store
Real-Time Dashboardreal-time-dashboardReal-Time Dashboard Demo using WebSockets transport
React Dashboardreact-dashboardDynamic dashboard with React, GraphQL, and Cube.js
D3 Dashboardd3-dashboardDashboard with Cube.js, D3, and Material UI
Stripe Dashboardstripe-dashboardStripe Demo Dashboard built with Cube.js and Recharts
Event Analyticsevent-analyticsMixpanel like Event Analytics App built with Cube.js and Snowplow
External Rollupsexternal-rollupsCompare performance of direct BigQuery querying vs MySQL cached version for the same data
Simple Dynamic Schema Creationasync-module-simpleA simple example of using asyncModule to generate schemas
Auth0auth0Cube.js deployment configured with Auth0 JWK/JWT integration
CognitocognitoCube.js deployment configured with AWS Cognito JWK/JWT integration

These tutorials are a good place to start learning Cube.js.