Connecting from Thoughtspot

You can connect to Cube from Thoughtspot using the Cube SQL API.

Don't have a Cube project yet? Learn how to get started here.

Click How to connect your BI tool link on the Overview page, navigate to the SQL API tab and enable it. Once enabled, you should see the screen like the one below with your connection credentials:

You need to set the following environment variables to enable the Cube SQL API. These credentials will be required to connect to Cube from Tableau later.


Thoughtspot connects to Cube as a Redshift database.

In Thoughtspot, go to the Setup tab, then click Connect now to add a new data source:

Enter a name for the data source, choose Amazon Redshift as the data warehouse and click Continue in the header:

Enter credentials from the previous step and click Continue:

Select columns from the desired cubes and click Create Connection on the next screen:

Your cubes will be exposed as tables, where both your measures and dimensions are columns.

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