Google BigQuery

In order to connect Google BigQuery to Cube, you need to provide service account credentials. Cube requires the service account to have BigQuery Data Viewer and BigQuery Job User roles enabled. You can learn more about acquiring Google BigQuery credentials here.

Add the following to a .env file in your Cube project:


You could also encode the key file using Base64 and set the result to CUBEJS_DB_BQ_CREDENTIALS:

CUBEJS_DB_BQ_CREDENTIALS=$(cat /path/to/my/keyfile.json | base64)

Environment VariableDescriptionPossible ValuesRequiredSupports multiple data sources?
CUBEJS_DB_BQ_PROJECT_IDThe Google BigQuery project ID to connect toA valid Google BigQuery Project ID
CUBEJS_DB_BQ_KEY_FILEThe path to a JSON key file for connecting to Google BigQueryA valid Google BigQuery JSON key file
CUBEJS_DB_BQ_CREDENTIALSA Base64 encoded JSON key file for connecting to Google BigQueryA valid Google BigQuery JSON key file encoded as a Base64 string
CUBEJS_DB_BQ_LOCATIONThe Google BigQuery dataset location to connect to. Required if used with pre-aggregations outside of US. If not set then BQ driver will fail with Dataset was not found in location US errorA valid Google BigQuery regional location⚠️
CUBEJS_DB_EXPORT_BUCKETThe name of a bucket in cloud storageA valid bucket name from cloud storage
CUBEJS_DB_EXPORT_BUCKET_TYPEThe cloud provider where the bucket is hostedgcp
CUBEJS_CONCURRENCYThe number of concurrent connections each queue has to the database. Default is 10A valid number
CUBEJS_DB_MAX_POOLThe maximum number of concurrent database connections to pool. Default is 40A valid number


Measures of type countDistinctApprox can be used in pre-aggregations when using Google BigQuery as a source database. To learn more about Google BigQuery's support for approximate aggregate functions, click here.

To learn more about pre-aggregation build strategies, head here.

FeatureWorks with read-only mode?Is default?
Export Bucket

By default, Google BigQuery uses batching to build pre-aggregations.


No extra configuration is required to configure batching for Google BigQuery.

Export bucket

BigQuery only supports using Google Cloud Storage for export buckets.

Google Cloud Storage

For improved pre-aggregation performance with large datasets, enable export bucket functionality by configuring Cube with the following environment variables:

When using an export bucket, remember to assign the BigQuery Data Editor and Storage Object Admin role to your BigQuery service account.


Cube does not require any additional configuration to enable SSL as Google BigQuery connections are made over HTTPS.

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