The driver for Druid is community-supported and is not supported by Cube or the vendor.

  • The URL for the Druid database
  • The username/password for the Druid database server

Add the following to a .env file in your Cube project:


Environment VariableDescriptionPossible ValuesRequiredSupports multiple data sources?
CUBEJS_DB_URLThe URL for a databaseA valid database URL for Druid
CUBEJS_DB_USERThe username used to connect to the databaseA valid database username
CUBEJS_DB_PASSThe password used to connect to the databaseA valid database password
CUBEJS_CONCURRENCYThe number of concurrent connections each queue has to the database. Default is 2A valid number
CUBEJS_DB_MAX_POOLThe maximum number of concurrent database connections to pool. Default is 8A valid number

Cube does not require any additional configuration to enable SSL as Druid connections are made over HTTPS.

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