Connecting with a VPC on Google Cloud

VPC Peering

After receiving the information above, create a VPC peering request, either through the GCP Web Console or an infrastructure-as-code tool. To send a VPC peering request through the Google Cloud Console, follow the instructions here, with the following amendments:

  • In Step 6, use the project name XXXXX and network name(s) provided by Cube Cloud.
  • In Step 7, ensure Import custom routes and Export custom routes are selected so that the necessary routes are created.

  • northeast1
  • europe-west-2
  • europe-west-3
  • us-central-1

Cloud SQL

Google Cloud SQL databases can only be peered to a VPC within the same GCP project. To work around this limitation, we recommend that customers provision a micro VM in their Google Cloud account to run the Cloud SQL Auth Proxy.

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