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@cubejs-client/vue provides Vue Components for easy integration Cube.js into Vue.js app.

<QueryRenderer /> Vue component takes a query, fetches the given query, and uses the slot scoped props to render the resulting data.

  • resultSet: A resultSet is an object containing data obtained from the query. If this object is not defined, it means that the data is still being fetched. ResultSet object provides a convient interface for data munipulation.
  • error: Error will be defined if an error has occurred while fetching the query.
  • loadingState: Provides information about the state of the query loading.

<QueryBuilder /> is used to build interactive analytics query builders. It abstracts state management and API calls to Cube.js Backend. It uses scoped slot props technique.

  • query: default query.
  • cubejsApi: CubejsApi instance to use. Required.
  • defaultChartType: default value of chart type. Default: 'line'.

  • measures, dimensions, segments, timeDimensions, filters - arrays of selected query builder members.
  • availableMeasures, availableDimensions, availableTimeDimensions, availableSegments - arrays of available to select members. They are loaded via API from Cube.js Backend.
  • addMeasures, addDimensions, addSegments, addTimeDimensions - function to control the adding of new members to query builder
  • removeMeasures, removeDimensions, removeSegments, removeTimeDimensions - function to control the removing of member to query builder
  • setMeasures, setDimensions, setSegments, setTimeDimensions - function to control the set of members to query builder
  • updateMeasures, updateDimensions, updateSegments, updateTimeDimensions - function to control the update of member to query builder
  • chartType - string, containing currently selected chart type.
  • updateChartType - function-setter for chart type.
  • isQueryPresent - Bool indicating whether is query ready to be displayed or not.
  • query - current query, based on selected members.
  • resultSet, error, loadingState - same as <QueryRenderer /> Scoped slot params.

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  <div class="hello">
    <query-builder :cubejs-api="cubejsApi" :query="query">
      <template v-slot="{ resultSet }">

import cubejs from '@cubejs-client/core';
import { QueryBuilder } from '@cubejs-client/vue';
import ChartRenderer from "./ChartRenderer.vue";

const cubejsApi = cubejs(
  { apiUrl: 'http://localhost:4000/cubejs-api/v1' },

export default {
  name: "HelloWorld",
  components: {
  data() {
    const query = {
      measures: ["LineItems.count", "LineItems.quantity", "Orders.count"],
      timeDimensions: [
          dimension: "LineItems.createdAt",
          granularity: "month"

    return {