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The Analytics API for Building
Data Applications

Quickly build analytics features and reporting tools
on top of your cloud data warehouse
Get started nowGet started nowGet started nowGet started nowExplore self-hosted CubeExplore self-hosted CubeWith over 11,000 stars on GitHub, Cube is trusted by Fortune 500 companies and startupsRead all user stories →Read all user stories →
What is Cube?Cube is the headless API layer that connects cloud data warehouses to your front end code so you can build data applications faster.How to build a data applicationUse Cube to create a semantic API layer, manage access control, aggregate data, and cache queries for real-time performance. Integrate with popular front-end libraries to build custom UI and power innovative analytics features.Connect to modern data storesUse any SQL-compliant data store: serverless query engines, RDBMS, and data warehouses.Docs: Supported Data Stores →Docs: Supported Data Stores →Get an instant REST APICreate and extend an API for analytical data by defining and updating your declarative data schema. Built-in support for multitenancy and row-level security.Docs: Data Schema →Docs: Data Schema →API QueryCube SchemaSQLPower custom interfacesIntegrate with data visualization tools and bind to popular front-end frameworks to create better user experiences.Docs: Explore Integrations →Docs: Explore Integrations →Ship fasterSave time, complexity, and development costs.Build new data apps in hours
instead of weeks
Automate API
development work
Leverage optimized
Cube really stood out as a great fit for our use case. We were able to level-up our data infrastructure without needing to build a full-blown and expensive data pipeline.Photo of Jc WeinrichJc WeinrichArchitectCube helped us reduce response times 100x and increase the amount of information we could display on our customer facing dashboards.Photo of Thomas AnkcornThomas AnkcornTechnical LeadCube is an API that's built already. We’re not starting from scratch. Otherwise we’d be building an HTTP layer and abstraction over SQL.Photo of Craig BeckCraig BeckSoftware EngineerWe can develop and ship analytics products without dealing with any net new infrastructure development going forward. Our efforts are focused on what matters: the data and the UI.Photo of Louis ZuckermanLouis ZuckermanStaff Software Engineer & Team LeadCube provides us with the framework and tools to build our custom data visualization platform with minimal effort. Our full-stack developers are able to get productive quickly, optimizing performance wherever possible.Photo of David ChuaDavid ChuaSenior Engineering Manager

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