How RamSoft built its users native embedded analytics—in two weeks.

The Cube x RamSoft user story.

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How RamSoft built its users native embedded analytics—in two weeks.
HQToronto, Ontario, Canada
StackMicrosoft Fabric, React
Use Case Embedded Analytics

Embedded Analytics for healthcare

Ramsoft is a SaaS HealthTech company based out of Toronto, Ontario. With three decades of experience, RamSoft's solutions allow users to make data-driven decisions, optimize operations, and drive sustainable growth for their business.

RamSoft’s offering revolves around medical imaging workflow solutions—with systems like OmegaAI, the all-in-one SaaS solution with AI-powered imaging that provides instant access to medical images for patients and providers, and Root, an embedded analytics solution for actionable insights.

By consolidating all medical imaging software and applying its proprietary analytics and AI technology, RamSoft empowers practitioners to speed up care—improving medical outcomes with automatic imaging workflows.

RamSoft’s Product Manager, Dhyan Shah, shared his story about leveraging Cube’s universal semantic layer for their embedded analytics solution and later migration to Microsoft Fabric.

Creating a native analytics experience

In 2022, RamSoft started with a popular BI tool for their analytics needs, but limitations hindered progress toward their vision. Shah’s team soon realized their BI tool wasn’t customizable enough to provide a truly native end-user experience for Root, their new analytics offering. Beyond changing some colors, there wasn’t much room for customizations.

Compatibility with RamSoft’s Azure Synapse was a top priority. In addition, they required a highly customizable UI and front-end, as well as granular control over the functionality available to users. During the evaluation, they found that existing solutions in the market were packed with “irrelevant” features—so many that new users would become overwhelmed.

“None of the standard BI tools can provide a truly native analytical experience. So, if that’s what you’re looking to give your end users, you definitely need a semantic layer platform that can create a seamless embedded analytics UX.” — Dhyan Shah, Product Manager, RamSoft

The team needed a platform to streamline the analytics behind the tool, allowing them to focus on the UX/UI and front-end. Shah was intrigued by Cube and the concept of headless BI—specifically, decoupling modeling logic from the front end, which allows for quickly building a completely custom UI. When considering Cube versus other alternatives, Ramsoft found Cube Cloud to be the clear choice.

Ramsoft embedded analytics

Caption: RamSoft’s Root delivers invaluable insights with concise, reporting and analytics to drive better decision-making, operations optimization, and sustainable growth for their business.

One of the key challenges Ramsoft faced was ensuring the security and segmentation of medical data, especially in a multi-tenant environment. Cube's dynamic evaluation and calculation of security context provided the perfect solution, allowing for granular control over hierarchical access levels based on regions, companies, and user roles.

Cube Cloud’s universal semantic layer, generated data models, and advanced pre-aggregation capabilities accelerated both engineering productivity and query performance. Shah’s team simply had to connect their application to Cube via the SQL API. With their critical data infrastructure in place so quickly, the team was able to move on to production and launch ahead of schedule.

Shah described a smooth implementation, with about three front-end engineers and one data engineer working for a total of two weeks to build the initial version of the React embedded data application. The team found guidance from Cube’s customer success and experience teams immensely helpful in ensuring an easy transition and deployment.

“We found an incredibly fast-to-market and flexible modern analytics solution: Cube. With it, we were able to deliver a highly customized and intuitive embedded analytics user experience—in two weeks.” — Dhyan Shah, Product Manager, RamSoft

Evolving RamSoft’s data stack

RamSoft's decision to move to Microsoft Fabric was driven by their pursuit of a modern, all-in-one data platform. With Microsoft Fabric and Cube Cloud, they found a solution that seamlessly integrates with their evolving needs, offering greater flexibility, scalability, and compatibility with their existing infrastructure for Root’s embedded analytics solution.

Cube Cloud’s universal semantic layer made the transition easy, allowing the team to move to a new backend data source without disrupting operations. Migrating to Fabric proved to be a straightforward process. Thanks to Cube, they only needed to update the database connection to point to the new data source, while maintaining the underlying data structure—all without extensive development and testing for a full re-platforming of their data store.

Ramsfot and Cube AI

“Now, with Cube’s support for Microsoft Fabric, we are well-equipped to support our users with greater flexibility. The Cube platform is customizable and comprehensive — and now, even more compatible with our existing data stack.” - Dhyan Shah, Sr Product Manager at Ramsoft

Leading the charge in healthcare analytics

Looking ahead, Shah remains committed to pushing the boundaries of innovation, driving continuous improvement, and delivering unparalleled value to their customers with Cube’s universal semantic layer.

Shah is currently working on a new AI integration for natural language interactions, leveraging Cube as the semantic layer to increase chatbot accuracy. He’s also excited to implement Cube Cloud’s real-time analytics capabilities with a KQL database to offer new functionalities based on streaming data to his users.

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