Why Cube Cloud?

You need Cube’s semantic layer, but what does Cube Cloud offer above and beyond Cube OSS? In a nutshell, everything you need for a production deployment.

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Cube Cloud Delivers More

Lower cost, faster to launch, easier to maintain, with the observability, security, and compliance that your company needs.


Cube OSS is 2x the cost of Cube Cloud

If you only looked at licensing, Cube OSS would be very appealing. But any experienced data engineer knows it takes more to spin up new software in your stack. In analyzing test workloads to fully scaled deployments, Cube Cloud consistently saves both time and money. And Cube Cloud is ready to power your production workload immediately.

Read the TCO blog to get an analysis of cost.



Easier to develop and maintain

A host of developer tools to make it easier to collaborate and build data models, set up caching and pre-aggregations, and maintain data access controls.

  • Cloud IDE
  • Management console
  • Auto-suspend, auto-scaling
  • Performance monitoring & query tracing
  • Automatic endpoint testing
Developer tools for collaboration


Launch Now. Not in 6 months.

Launch faster with fully-managed hosting, quick deployment, and auto-updates in any cloud, any region.

  • Test a Dev Instance for free
  • Quickly go live on a Production Cluster
  • Set up Multi-cluster Deployments
  • Experience distributed file storage failovers and consistency checking
  • Stay automatically up-to-date on the latest version


Maintain peace of mind

Cube Cloud maintains robust security, observability, cloud choices, SSL, and an uptime SLA to make Cube Cloud easy to manage and maintain.

  • Choose your cloud: Multi-tenant, VPC, or BYOC
  • Observability with monitoring integrations (logs export)
  • SSO (SAML 2.0), role-based access controls
  • SSL & encryption-at-rest
  • SOC2 Type II, HIPPA, GDPR compliant, annual pen tests.

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Use Cases of Cube

See Cube’s data access control in action

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