Why Cube Cloud?

A fully-hosted, fully-managed universal semantic layer—so that you can free up your schedule for more important things.

Just like these companies:

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Cube Cloud: for hands-off production deployments

With Cube Cloud, you get a lot more than a fully-hosted version of Cube. Welcome cost reduction, advanced analytics, and easy provisioning.


Seismically speed up time-to-value.

Expedite time-to-production with fully-managed hosting, quick deployment, and auto-updates in any cloud, any region.

  • Fully-managed hosting
  • Automatic deployments & updates
  • Easy provisioning
  • Performance-optimized
  • Cube Expert support


Work together, better.

Smooth collaboration and performance monitoring with an environment that streamlines secure, multi-user working access.

  • Developer tools & collaboration environments
  • Performance monitoring
  • Querying tracing
  • Automatic testing endpoints
  • Pre-aggregations management console


Maintain peace of mind.

Robust security and performance maintained with configurable autoscaling, caching, and granular access control.

  • Observability & high-availability
  • Auto-scaling
  • SSL & encryption-at-rest
  • Optimized data source drivers
  • Regulatory compliance (SOC 2, HIPAA)

Ready to upgrade your data stack?

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Use Cases of Cube

Semantic Layer

Semantic Layer

Define metrics upstream to inform every app with the same data.

See Cube’s data access control in action

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