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Read user stories →Read user stories →How Cube Cloud worksDeploy fully managed Cube.js apps in the cloud of your choice: AWS, Azure, or GCP. With best‑in‑class infrastructure and proven practices, Cube Cloud guarantees high availability, scalability, and improved performance.Analyze your Cube.js queriesInspect and analyze Cube.js queries to spot bottlenecks and apply optimizations. Drill into a specific query to understand its lifecycle, inspect underlying SQL code, and assess the impact on overall performance.Accelerate with pre-aggregationsSignificantly speed up API queries and increase concurrency levels by defining and managing pre-aggregations. Cube Cloud provides tips and suggestions for accelerating every query.Build and test Cube.js projectsDevelop and run Cube.js applications with the Cube Cloud IDE, manage schema changes with version control, and automatically launch development API endpoints to test changes in your application before shipping them to production.Become a Cube Cloud Design PartnerTest Cube Cloud with your data, influence feature development, and receive hands-on support from the Cube Dev team. Sign UpEmail is not validBuilt with ♥️ in San Francisco2021 © Cube Dev, Inc.


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