Build a kSQL Semantic Layer with Cube.

How Cube and ksqlDB work together

Cube connects to ksqlDB and provides a semantic layer, centralized data access control, and caching. Cube’s lambda architecture makes it possible to work seamlessly with batch and real-time data in a single query.

Power your data applications with ksqlDB and Cube

 Performance + Reliability

Performance + Reliability

Redundantly and directly querying your data source results in latency and unnecessary costs. Cube’s caching layer, pre-aggregations, and query queuing fix that.

Skip latency;
expect speed.

Headless = Customized

Headless = Customized

Decoupling BI from your front-end means orchestrating data modeling, access control, and caching once—while building presentation layers for any use case.

Easily tailor your
user experience.

Compatibility + Flexibility

Compatibility + Flexibility

Cube’s API-first approach and SQL-compliant protocol enable you to maintain every BI tool or data app with consistent metrics definitions, access control, and caching.

Integrate with anything
and anyone.

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