Build a Superset Semantic Layer with Cube.

How Cube and Superset work together

Cube sits between your data source and Superset, providing consumers with consistently defined, secure, and performant data. By managing data modeling, access control, and caching upstream, you can be sure every data consumer in your org using Superset—and every other data app—will be working with the same fast data protected by the same permissions.

Power your data applications with Superset and Cube

Headless = Customized

Headless = Customized

Decoupling BI from your front-end means orchestrating data modeling, access control, and caching once—while building presentation layers for any use case.

Easily tailor your
user experience.

 Performance + Reliability

Performance + Reliability

Redundantly and directly querying your data source results in latency and unnecessary costs. Cube’s caching layer, pre-aggregations, and query queuing fix that.

Skip latency;
expect speed.

Security + Governance

Security + Governance

Reconfiguring data access control for every data app in your stack opens the door to inconsistencies and gaps. Centralize permissions upstream for uniform security.

Maintain ubiquitious
access control.

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