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Building a fast & open-source data stack with ClickHouse and Cube

  • Altinity
  • Cube

In this 60-minute webinar, we’ll present a modern data stack featuring the open-source tools ClickHouse, MySQL, and Cube to build an analytics application.

The goal of this workshop

  • Build lightning-quick open-source data apps with ClickHouse and Cube
  • Enable seamless data replication between MySQL and ClickHouse to ensure minimal edits to the core system
  • Enable lightning-quick performance for analytics with ClickHouse
  • Enable integration with multiple data sources with Cube

Why ClickHouse with Cube?

We’ll use MySQL, an open-source row-oriented relational data source. It’s been wildly popular for 20 years and is at the core of huge organizations. But, it doesn’t perform well with analytical queries because they require aggregating data by column.

ClickHouse to the rescue! It’s an open-source column-oriented data source and allows running analytics queries using SQL in real time. This is why we’ve partnered with the ClickHouse Enterprise Experts at Altinity. They also run Altinity.Cloud.

We’ll use Cube, the open-source headless BI platform, to integrate with both data sources and build a data app on top of them.

Prepare for the workshop!

Curious to learn more before the event? Read this blog post!

The topics you'll learn about include

  • Open-source tools in the modern data stack
  • How ClickHouse enables replicating data from MySQL, a row-oriented database, to ClickHouse, a column-oriented database, without interfering with MySQL
  • Why use ClickHouse for analytics
  • How Cube enables seamless integration with multiple data sources
  • How Cube enables exposing multiple APIs for data apps and BI tools
  • Use Cube as the unified metrics layer to build a front-end data app
  • Discussion and Q&A

See you at the webinar!

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