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Connecting your Business Intelligence Tools to Cube

We believe that every company ought to be data-driven so people can make informed decisions. However, most organizations today use multiple tools and this can lead to inconsistent calculations. So things like revenue or total orders will mean something different across teams. To address this, you can configure Cube--only once--to keep your metrics definitions so that everyone is working with the same source of truth.

In this 60-minute workshop, we will build on our June workshop and explore the newest and advanced features of Cube's SQL API to make Cube available to your favorite Business Intelligence tools and Data Notebooks.

Agenda topics for the workshop will include:

  • Using Cube to build data applications for internal and external users
  • Latest updates to the SQL API (including support for new visualization tools such as Metabase, Power BI, Sigma, Observable, etc.)
  • Multitenancy and security context with the SQL API
  • Extended Q&A session