Today I am excited to announce that Cube is partnering with to help teams deliver more automated, personalized analytics experiences using the metrics that drive their business. Using’s Business Graph technology, companies can develop a complete model of their business, defining the metrics that matter, which teams are accountable to what results, and the goals that the business is working to achieve. then applies its AI and Machine Learning capabilities to help teams stay up-to-date with what’s happening, “why?” and proactively identify the actions that drive businesses towards their goals. and cube

Understand the relationships of metrics with automated AI insights

To use and Cube together, a user simply defines their data model within Cube Cloud and connects it to via our REST API, following this Cube documentation. Once connected, users will be able to see their dimensions, measures and metrics within and connect to any of the myriad data sources that Cube supports. users will be able to take advantage of all of the best-in-class semantic layer features that Cube provides, such as our code-based data modeling experience and our Cube Store caching.

Cube Cloud users who implement will benefit from a next-generation solution to run their business. Rather than defining calculations in a business intelligence tool and building dashboards to produce insights, once configured, will automatically keep teams up-to-date with the progress of tracked metrics vs goals and suggest opportunities that bridge the gap. These updates can be pushed directly to individuals and groups in Slack, Microsoft Teams, and Email destinations. And, teams can benefit from more personalized analytics experiences by allowing individuals to subscribe to the areas of the business that matter to them.

Proactive Analytics is a great solution for teams who want to keep focused on their most important metrics and deliver proactive intelligence right to the places where their teams already work - chat and email. This approach differs from standard business intelligence tools which depend more heavily on users understanding dashboarding tools, knowing which dashboards exist, and which ones to trust. Here at Cube we have enjoyed working with the team to bring this integration to life and we look forward to seeing where this partnership takes us.

To learn more about and their Business Graph technology, you can check them out at You can also attend our joint webinar with the team on Wednesday, February 14th at 9am PST.