Define your metrics upstack to unify your team’s insights.

Defining mission-critical business metrics inconsistently leads to miscommunication, misalignment, and error. Keep everyone on the same page with data modeling upstream of every app.

Data Modeling
Access Control

Centralize your data models upstream, so that you only have to define them once.

Whether you’re building an internal application, a dashboard, or an embedded analytics application, ensure they’ll all be powered by consistent data—and skip manually orchestrating metrics for each presentation layer. Combined with Cube’s advanced caching and pre-aggregation capabilities, this ensures that every downstream app stays updated with the latest information—cost-effectively and with low latency.

Seamlessly integrate with every application.

Cube’s integrations and REST, GraphQL, and Postgres-compliant SQL APIs ensure compatibility with every modern data stack. Plus, reduce context switching during development: data model in the language you already use—manage your semantic layer with JavaScript, YAML, or Python.

Reduce time-to-value with auto-generated models.

Use auto-generated data models to organize and query your data, manage your definitions with Cube’s customizable Metrics IDE, and improve application performance with intelligent caching. Spend less time writing queries and debugging—and more time with your actionable insights.

How does data modeling 
with Cube work?

Cube’s data modeling is built on cubes comprised of measures and dimensions. Sort your data, define its granularities and how metrics are calculated from it, and query it—intuitively, efficiently, and fast.

Because all these operations happen downstream of your data sources and ETL/ETL processes and upstream of every application, the information fed to every data consumer is the same. Analytics are consistent: no matter the context of the analysis, its results fit into the same big picture.

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