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Customer stories


Cube really stood out as a great fit for our use case. We were able to level‑up our data infrastructure without needing to build a full‑blown and expensive data pipeline.


Cube can do whatever your engineers want. They can build your analytics faster. There’s just not another tool out there that would fill in the blank for what we need.HTTP layer and abstraction over SQL.


The Cube platform reduces our development time significantly and integrates easily with data from various sources. The Cube team is collaborative and quick to respond to our requests and their open source ethos keeps things transparent.


Cube provides us with the framework and tools to build our custom data visualization platform with minimal effort. Our full-stack developers are able to get productive quickly, optimizing performance wherever possible.

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With Cube, we’ve been able to speed up time to release a new data model to production by 5x and decrease analytics downtime by 90%.


We can develop and ship analytics products without dealing with any net new infrastructure development going forward. Our efforts are focused on what matters: the data and the UI.