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Semantic Layer Summit 2024

Join Cube's Tech Talk at the Summit

Semantic Layers are the Missing Piece to AI-Enabled Analytics

As the field of data analytics continues to progress and expand, the role of semantic layers in harnessing the power of AI is becoming increasingly crucial. The incorporation of context and constraint is essential to optimizing the potential of Language Model Models (LLMs), which requires a more structured and specialized approach.

While traditional methods have made strides in providing some context through prompt engineering and knowledge graphs, semantic layers offer unparalleled clarity and efficiency in bridging the gap for LLMs.

To further unfold the narrative on semantic layers and their transformative impact on AI-enabled analytics, we invite you to a thought-provoking session with Artyom Keydunov, Cube's CEO & Co-founder at the Semantic Layer Summit.

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Semantic Layer Summit

Featuring enterprise data leaders & top industry technologists, the Semantic Layer Summit is a free one-day virtual event. Hear practical advice and best practices from top data leaders, technologists & industry experts in Enterprise Analytics, BI and Generative AI.

Join us to explore the latest in Semantic Layer technology, implementation and strategy. Register here.