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Semantic Layer: Across the Data-Verse

Interoperability in the data space and newest updates to Cube's semantic layer

  • Cube

    This event has ended. You can listen to the recording on Twitter.

    Wrapping up a week of updates to our semantic layer, we invite you to join an informal Twitter Space with Cube's co-founders, team, partners, customers, users, and generally anyone interested in the data space.

    We'd like to hear your thoughts about the features we've announced throughout the week: Data Graph, Semantic Layer Sync, Orchestration API, etc. Also, we'd like to tackle interoperability between data tools and how the semantic layer fits in the bigger picture.

    Lastly, unsurprisingly enough, we see much interest in AI-powered experiences in the data space. Let's unwrap it and discuss whether this is the next big thing or a passing fancy.