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PrestoCon 2022: Headless BI architecture & trade-offs

PrestoCon 2022 is a two day conference in Mountain View, CA for the Presto community.

There has been a proliferation of tools in different categories of the modern data stack. During our talk at PrestoCon, we will focus on the Headless BI category and Cube’s implementation of Headless BI. Headless BI injects a component between data warehouses and other data sources and tools on the other side of the stack (e.g. CDP, data exploration tools, custom data apps, etc.). This new component encapsulates several critical functions like data modeling, access control, and aggregate awareness while deliberately omitting others, like data visualization and presentation.

We'll explore:

  • Keeping data models separate from data sources and not substituting data modeling with mere data transformation.
  • Managing access control centrally, aggregate awareness, and caching in a separate layer upstack from data consumers.
  • Removing data presentation features and embracing data accessibility via a set of APIs.

Presentation slides