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Watch On-Demand: Navigating Aquaculture with Embedded Analytics

How Scoot Science Charted Its Journey with Cube's Universal Semantic Layer

  • Scoot Science

This webinar explores Scoot Science's journey with embedded analytics, focusing on their utilization of Cube Cloud's universal semantic layer to enhance their data management capabilities. Scoot Science, a company providing data solutions for aquaculture, aggregates data from IoT sensors in fish farms globally. Their SeaState platform transforms this data into visualizations for tracking fish inventory, biology, and environmental conditions.

Challenges Scoot Science faced:

  • Inefficient data fetching methods
  • Complex SQL transformations
  • Manual query resolution due to diverse IoT sensor data

Learn how Cube helped Scoot Science:

  • Establish a standard data model for diverse sensor data
  • Accelerate data processing and improve user experience
  • Optimize query performance with pre-aggregation caching
  • Streamline infrastructure management

Key Takeaways

  • Gain insights into Scoot Science's data transformation journey.
  • Understand the benefits of a universal semantic layer for managing diverse data sources.
  • Learn how to simplify data infrastructure and improve efficiency.

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