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How Rittman Analytics delivers the semantic layer today with Cube

Zero to semantic layer experience with tried-and-true tools

  • Rittman Analytics
  • Cube
  • Picture of Olivier Dupuis - the Participant

    Olivier Dupuis

    Chief Product Officer at Rittman Analytics

  • Picture of Lewis Baker - the Participant

    Lewis Baker

    Chief Operations Officer at Rittman Analytics

  • Picture of Brian Bickell - the ParticipantLogo of Brian Bickell company

    Brian Bickell

    VP of Strategy and Alliances at Cube

  • Picture of Igor Lukanin - the ParticipantLogo of Igor Lukanin company

    Igor Lukanin

    Head of Product at Cube

In this webinar, we are joined by seasoned data enthusiasts from Rittman Analytics where they help data-driven companies spread the use of high-quality and consistent data throughout their organization using semantic layers.

Olivier and Lewis will demonstrate how Rittman Analytics takes on a pragmatic approach to building semantic layers using mature and proven tools from the Modern Data Stack.

You'll follow an almost instantaneous journey from zero to a working semantic layer delivering data to end users and learn how to maintain dry yet robust data workflows with open-source tools like Droughty, Dagster, and Cube.

As a part of the experience, you'll also explore what a feature-complete semantic layer is capable of. We'll demonstrate how Cube provides consistency, visualization agnosticity, and query acceleration that enable your end users to work with data in Tableau, Hex, React, or a variety of other tools while enjoying sub-second latencies.

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