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Watch On-Demand: Data modeling and exploration in Playground 2.0

Hands-on webinar on the completely rebuilt Playground and newly added Performance Insights in Cube Cloud

Cube's Head of Product, Igor Lukanin, announced Playground 2.0, part of Cube's data modeling toolkit. Playground 2.0 provides a platform with the ability to model and explore data efficiently. Here are the five main takeaways from that session.

1. Playground 2.0 - A Step Up in Data Modeling and Exploration

Playground 2.0 is an upgrade to Cube Cloud's user interface. Its purpose is to provide a similar experience to Business Intelligence tools across the dimensions of data exploration and visualization. In-built features, such as the ability to name queries and create multiple tabs, enhance organization and efficiency. Furthermore, it goes above traditional offerings by implementing a security context selector that caters to a multi-tenant environment.

2. Augmenting Data Model Comprehension

In Playground 2.0, descriptions defined in the data model are visible for cubes and their members. This functionality aids comprehensibility, enabling data engineers to understand the structure better and to perform operations more efficiently.

3. Advanced Query Building

Playground 2.0 encourages efficient query building with actionable features. Helpful tools like the prompt command allow quick execution of basic queries. You can also build queries for multiple dimensions, sort them, and limit the result set size, offering extensive flexibility to manage and manipulate data.

4. Enhanced Visualization

Data visualization has seen a revamp. Playground 2.0 provides the ability to visualize query results on charts and empowers users to customize these visualizations using field and pivot configurations.

One highlight is the 'fill missing dates' option. This allows for displaying zero values for dates without data in chart visualization, ensuring continuity and completeness in your data's graphical representation.

5. Various APIs and Performance Insights

Playground 2.0 offers several APIs - REST, GraphQL, and SQL, and even provides a SQL Runner to edit and run SQL queries. Anticipated features include editing GraphQL queries and a unique code generation feature for data visualization, echoing Cube's commitment to continuous improvement.

Playground 2.0 comes packed with performance insights, visualizing performance metrics from a deployment. This integration of performance metrics presents users with actionable data that can guide optimization strategies.

To conclude, Playground 2.0 is a step up in data modeling, exploration, and visualization, offering flexible query building, comprehension-enhancing features, and integration with diverse APIs. Its feature-packed design caters to the needs of evolving data engineers, promising to transform their journey in the data landscape.