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Data, Dev & Drive: London

Engineering insanely fast analytics at TB-scale in partnership with Firebolt, Rittman Analytics, Primer, AppsFlyer, and Metabase

We’ll show you how to run your toughest queries so fast, it should be illegal. After some beer, food and technical sessions, we’ll see if your (miniature) car-racing skills are as good as your engineering.

  • Bytes & Beer

    Grab a beer and some American-style grub before we dive into data.

  • The Modern Data Stack: The Good, The Bad, and the Forecast

    A look at the current state of the modern data ecosystem, new challenges around fast-growing data stores, and how organizations are adapting.

  • Powering Customer-facing Dashboards with TBs of Data

    The solution Primer deploys to support customer-facing dashboards with growing data volumes, without requiring a large amount of overhead to operate.

  • Delivering Sub-second Self-service BI to 1000 users

    How AppsFlyer scaled its self-service BI to support 1000 users running analytics at any scale in sub-seconds, while delivering new reports within days.

  • The Developer's Toolkit for Building the Next Generation of Data Apps

    To build fast and versatile data experiences, software developers are adopting data engineering skills, while the Modern Data Stack is evolving to meet their needs.

  • Drinks & Racing

    Load up at the bar and test your skills with some arcade and glitch-racing fun.