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AT&T Hotel and Conference Center

Data Council Austin

A worldwide community-driven data science, engineering, analytics & AI event hosted on March 28-30, 2023.

AT&T Hotel and Conference Center, Austin, Texas 78705

Join hundreds of “data geeks” on March 28-30 for a unique in-person event at Data Council Austin.

Data Council Austin is a worldwide community-driven data science, engineering, analytics & AI event, during which Cube’s CTO, Pavel Tiunov, will give a hand-ons experience with Cube. In it, he’ll demonstrate how Cube’s open semantic layer can surface metrics from a data warehouse all the way down to a BI tool, a data notebook, or a custom-built data app.

He’ll also do a deep dive into Cube’s architecture and show how its data modeling, caching, access control, and API layers work. You’ll build a complete understanding of what to expect from a semantic layer and how it could fit into and upgrade your data pipeline.

Attend the workshop and come say, “hi” at our booth to continue the conversation about Cube, and learn more about how its open semantic layer—on any managed cloud platform—can help drive cost savings and deep insights for your business.