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Headless BI with streaming data

  • Cube

We've always wanted Cube to provide seamless experience for data engineers to build applications on top of a single, headless data access layer, regardless of whether the data is a stream, a batch, or a union of both.

In this 60-minute workshop, we will be discussing and getting hands-on with our latest product enhancements to support real-time use cases with streaming data in Cube.

Now, it's possible with two all-new major features: lambda pre-aggregations and ksqlDB integration. The former follows lambda architecture and allows to union and seamlessly query batch data from data warehouses and real-time data from streaming engines. The latter allows Cube to interact with Apache Kafka, the most popular event streaming solution on the market.

In particular, we'll demonstrate:

  • Deep dive into lambda pre-aggregations
  • Deep dive into ingesting real-time data from ksqlDB
  • Real-time data applications leveraging these features

We'll also hold a Q&A session with Cube's creators. See you soon!