Our third workshop was on data modeling and it was great to see a large number of atteendees and we were especially impressed with a lot of first time attendees to our workshop. Once again, we want to thank everyone's active participation with your questions throughout the 90-minute session. If you missed the workshop, you can watch the recording on our YouTube channel and download the slides.

We began the workshop with an overview of data schema design, which is a starting point for modeling your data in Cube. Code examples were used to show ways to simplify SQL expressions in your cubes and to simplify your cubes and for reusing code.

We then discussed data schema versioning and compilation with demos to illustrate both topics. Similar to previous workshops, demos were done on Cube Cloud, but all features discussed during the workshop are available in the open-source version of Cube.

Next we showed how Cube allows schemas to be created on-the-fly using a special asyncModule function.

Another popular topic in the community is Joins and after going over basics of Joins in Cube, there was a discussion on where to join data, directionality of joins (with a demo), and many-to-many joins.

Finally, there was a quick discussion on query-dependent data schema and how you shouldn't let your queries reshape your data in Cube. An example from a recipe was shown to demonstrate this, and we encourage everyone to check out other recipes including ones focused on data schema.