Over the last few weeks, we've announced updates to a few Cube Cloud features that we've launched earlier in June 2023. Semantic Layer Sync has expanded its suite of supported BIs with Tableau and Data Graph now visualizes views alongside cubes to help you get a human-friendly overview of the data model within your semantic layer.

Additionally, we've released Budgets to help Cube Cloud customers with annual plans stay on top of your Cube Cloud usage.

Tableau support in Semantic Layer Sync

Semantic Layer Sync makes using Cube with BI tools as easy as possible. With the latest update, Cube Cloud automatically populates and updates data sources within Tableau so you can start building workbooks and dashboards right away.

See how that works:

Check the docs for details and try it today with your Tableau instance. Semantic Layer Sync with Tableau is available in Cube Cloud on Premium and above tiers.

Views support in Data Graph

Data Graph provides a human-friendly, visual way to explore contents of the semantic layer. It represents the data model as an entity relationship diagram and uses the crow’s-foot notation to mark join relationships between cubes. Data Graph is the best way to familiarize for you and your team to take a bird’s-eye view of the data model.

With the latest update, Data Graph is capable of visualizing not only cubes and join between them, but also views that incapsulate cubes and joins and serve as the front, public-facing layer of your data model.

See Data Graph with views in action and check the docs for details:

A quick reminder: Data Graph is available to Cube Cloud users on all tiers, so please feel free to check it out.


Budgets help you stay on top of your Cube Cloud usage.

With Budgets, you can set up monthly or daily budgets for the Cube Cloud usage and get email notifications when certain thresholds of these budgets are exceeded.

For example, if you have an annual contract worth $12,000, you can set up a monthly budget of $1,000 with thresholds of 70%, 100%, and 120%. Later, you'll get email notifications when any of these thresholds are hit. You can also set up a daily budget to protect against Black Friday-like usage spikes.

Budgets are available to Cube Cloud users on Premium, Enterprise, and Enterprise Premier plans.

What’s next in Cube Cloud

While we're working on the next batch of Cube Cloud features, let me remind you that we're always happy to hear your feedback. Please don't hesitate to get in touch or reach out in our Slack community of more than 9,000 data practitioners.