The Cube and Explo integration is exciting for data teams and application developers working to ensure fast and rich dashboards are in the hands of customers. Data teams can build beautiful, feature-rich customer-facing dashboards on data from any of the large list of data sources that Cube supports.

On the one hand, Cube’s pre-aggregations and caching ensure that performance will always be snappy. On the other, Explo provides incredible customization options that guarantee you’ll be able to make your dashboards fit right into the rest of your application.

And with both Cube and Explo, users will feel right at home.

The story that has Cube and Explo working together:

At Cube, we’re building a universal semantic layer to power every data application.

We work to help users model all of their data with our sophisticated and flexible data modeling capabilities and manage access to that data with our powerful access control tools. Our unique Cube Store technology provides fast in-memory caching and optional pre-aggregations to provide the fastest response times for data applications. Finally, we provide a comprehensive suite of API endpoints that enable developers to connect to Cube however they see fit.

One of the most frequent ways our customers take advantage of these functionalities is in customer facing scenarios. Customer facing analytics takes everything that’s hard about traditional BI and ups the stakes: you’re still connecting to data, dealing with data modeling, and building dashboards—but now you’re doing it with expectations for usability and performance that are more aligned with website expectations. Even if your internal stakeholders are ok with their dashboards taking ten or more seconds to load, your customers will very much not be ok with that.

Picture this: you’re hard at work developing your application and building features for your users. When you’re so deep into building the best UX possible, you probably don’t want to have to think about complicated data access patterns, performance and scaling concerns, and security when adding customer facing dashboards. That’s where Cube comes in. Let us deal with the hard work on the data side.

But what if you also don’t want to build your own customer facing dashboards with a front-end framework? Maybe you don’t want to deal with the maintenance, development costs, and time-to-value?

Cube and Explo: The Best of Both Worlds

Well—Cube has recently partnered with Explo to allow users to build beautiful, customer facing dashboards with their easy-to-use dashboard designer and then embed them into their applications easily.

The Cube and Explo integration (docs) empowers you to get the best of both worlds—for truly native, performant customer facing analytics with incredible time-to-value development.

The Explo team has written a fantastic guide detailing how to get started with Explo and Cube, featuring our ability to connect to NoSQL databases like MongoDB. Check it out to learn more about how our products work together and how we can help you delight your customers with powerful, fast dashboards.